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*Dede & Kay*

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Impound #: A647381 & A647382


Date Arrived: 05/27/04

Sex: Female

Age: 4 Yrs.

Review Date: 06/01/04


These two girls have really changed since they were first impounded on 5/27. Their website pics show two very despondent cats, huddled in the corner of their cages. Today when I took their pictures, each was so loving and friendly. I had a chance to spend some time with them and really get to know them. They rubbed and purred and rolled over for me. Such affectionate girls. And gorgeous. Their kennel cards note that they are "obese." No way. They are nicely-proportioned larger cats. But hardly obese. Dede is a very unusual tabby. Her markings are shades of brown and gold. She's considered a "mackerel" tabby. Kay is a magnificent dilute tortie. These two should go together to a fabulous home. They will make someone a very lucky person! Dede and Kay are already spayed. Please come and get them. They're two lovely kitties. Their review date is 6/1, so they need to be picked up ASAP!!


The animal shelter charges approximately 68 dollars per cat adoption, which includes spaying and a microchip. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Dede or Kay, or know someone who is, please contact Daniel at (714) 717-5722, (714) 952-5830 or (323) 791-8506. If you might have trouble getting over to South L.A., we can make arrangements.

For the Animals,

Rachel & Dan